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University of Barcelona


The University of Barcelona is the most formidable public institution of higher education in Catalonia, catering to the needs of the greatest number of students and delivering the broadest and most comprehensive offering in higher educational courses. The UB is also the principal centre of university research at a state level and has become a European benchmark for research activity, both in terms of the number of research programs it conducts and the excellence these have achieved.

The UB Water Research Institute is an interdisciplinary research structure that aims to increase the effectiveness and permanence of collaboration between research groups that study topics related to water, its management, uses and quality. The Institute’s main objectives are as follows:

- Foster the consolidation of multidisciplinary teams within the Institute that can provide rapid technological solutions for specific environmental issues, particularly those related to water.

- Collaborate actively in the technology transfer of knowledge attained through research, development and innovation undertaken with companies in the water sector.

- Collaborate in the development of the European Research Area through participation in European research projects, the incorporation of the Institute in recognised research centres that can link the planned European networks, and participation in assessment and other processes promoted by the European Union and other administrations.

- Increase and facilitate the mobility of Institute researchers and technicians and consolidate staffing and maintenance of the existing research infrastructure.