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CSEI Catania

CSEI Catania is a non-profit making organization set up in 1975, for the special financing of the South of Italy, on the initiative of FORMEZ, the South of Italy Fund (Cassa per il Mezzogiorno), the University of Catania, SWIMEZ and the Polytechnic Foundation of the Mediterranean. The purpose of CSEI Catania is to contribute to promoting the social-economic development of the South of Italy in the areas of water management, the management of the systems of freeing the water environment from pollution, the management of the environmental protection from pollution and in general in the area of natural resources management. In the above mentioned areas, the Centre offers itself as a service organism of the Regions and local organizations. In order to pursue this purpose CSEI Catania carries out applied research, education and technical–organizational assistance work orientated towards the development of the operative and innovative skills of the public and private organisms which work in the area of natural resources in the South of Italy. Education is mainly directed to the organisms which deal with the management of natural resources. Training and updating courses and seminars are organized with the contribution of Italian and foreign professors, researches and experts.

From 1976 to today over 200 courses and seminars have been held with a total number of more then 4000 participants. In pursuit of its specific objective of supporting the improvement of water management and the environment in the South of Italy, in particular helping the organizations to reach this aim, CSEI Catania carries out, on its own initiative or on specific request, education and technical assistance work for its members first of all, but also for the other public or private organisms which request and approve it.