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Supported by the DI-XL project related with the dissemination and exploitation of LLP results through libraries


 General Objectives:

- The improvement of the quality of the bottled water through the transfer of expertise from higher education organizations to enterprises working in the sector. Particular emphasis to SMEs.

- The increase of the competitiveness of the bottling companies through the assurance of the quality of their products.


Specific Objectives:

- The preparation of high qualified personnel in the water sector to know all the existing solutions for the improvement of the water quality and to be in the position to put them into practice.


Main aim

- Training of the personnel of the enterprises on the ways they can valorize the research results produced by university research.

- Development of educational contents and training to the enterprises in order the latter to learn and implement methods that are safer for the human health.



- Research Reports

- Online material (e-learning)

- Offline material (training seminars)

- Online portal




- improve significantly their understanding on the subject.

- realize the need to take action.

- be trained on the various options they have available to solve the problems that are arising.



- valorize the results of their research.

- diffuse them in the society.


Target groups

- Small Bottled Water Companies

- Small Bottled Water Companies that also distribute water to enterprises 

- Solely water distribution companies

- Water analyses labs

- End Users (companies, households)

- Universities with a water research department