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RTD Talos Ltd was established in 2000.  Ever since the company has strategically positioned itself between the academia, SME’ and the government, benefiting from dissemination and training most importantly. Previous experience in the area under investigation, in EU level can be illustrated by a number of projects RTD Talos Ltd has taken part.  Having been the National Point of Contact for SME’s in FP5 and FP6 we have acquired significant experience in disseminating information regarding European programmes. We have recently been appointed as country correspondents for ERAWATCH in order to report the latest about R&D and Innovation in Cyprus.  We have acted as consultants and evaluators for the Ministry of Finance (Planning Bureau) for a number of EU funded schemes.  RTD Talos has been involved in a number of Leonardo da Vinci projects, a full list of them as well as the services of the organization can be found at www.talos-rtd.com