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Buckinghamshire New University

The Centre for Conservation and Sustainability aims to offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas, short courses which support the development of the professional workforce in Nature Resource Management, Rural Development, Local Authorities, and Further Education Colleges. Objectives:

-To have high quality teaching, student support and student experience.

-To provide a caring environment for students which enables them to develop personally and professionally.

-To maintain high academic standards and to enhance students’ achievement.

-To have aspects of the academic portfolio which are market leaders and some niche provision, and provide courses leading to employment and career advancement.

-To promote widening participation and access to higher education by offering the widest opportunities for study and employment including in partnership with other selected providers.

-To maintain a plurality of funding streams

Buckinghamshire New University is an active contributor to the development of local community, employability skills and curricula, and benefit from third party opportunities. Bucks is active engaged with community programmes, employers, regulatory bodies and other educational establishments at national and international level. Developed courses are always market-orientated in partnership with industry aiming to create a motivated, enthusiastic and highly employable workforce for tomorrow’s Europe.